New report-"Dire Consequences: Destroying Alberta's Affordable Power Advantage" dire-consequences-blackout-final-sept-28-2016 Supplementary Data/Graphs dire-consequences-supplementary-final-sept-28-2016 Affordable energy is an Alberta Advantage, one we have enjoyed for years, thanks to an abundant, high-quality coal supply (which Albertans own), willing investors, responsible industry and ever-improving, sensible air quality regulations and mitigation techniques. Energy runs through every aspect of modern society. … Continue reading DIRE CONSEQUENCES: DESTROYING ALBERTA’S AFFORDABLE POWER ADVANTAGE

Climate. CHANGE! The Totalitarian Temptation

Contributed by Drieu Godefridi, Ph.D., lawyer  ©September 2016 English version of "La tentation totalitaire de l'écologie" In 2010 I published a modest essay in epistemology (IPCC: A Scientific Body? ) characterizing the IPCC - UN study group on climate - as a political organization (and not a scientific one). At the time, I was virtually … Continue reading Climate. CHANGE! The Totalitarian Temptation

A Tale of Two Places – Denmark + Alberta

Researcher/writer William Kay, of the blog Ecofascism, wrote a research trilogy last year (2015) on the geopolitics of climate change.  Part three - "A Tale of Two Places" is instructive for Albertans and Canadians at this time as there is a push to incorporate renewables and be 'green like Denmark.'  But is Denmark 'green'?  If so, why are … Continue reading A Tale of Two Places – Denmark + Alberta